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Monday, February 28, 2011

Jim Dine Hearts (Kindergarten)

Here is a lesson Kindergarten just finished.  We made hearts like the artist Jim Dine!  First we talked about the artist and I showed students some of his work, we talked about the colors we found in the hearts and the textures, of the hearts.
Here's an example of Jim Dine's artwork.
Next I introduced Kindergaten to a new art medium, oil pastels.  We found out they were way messy but so much fun to color with!  1,000 times better than crayons or markers!  I gave each table a template to trace the heart with, then we colored our hearts with red, then pink, then white.  This is how we layer color to get a great texture effect for our hearts.
Here's are the heart templates and oil pastels.
Then we colored around the heart with all sorts of different colors.  We added white to help blend and layer the colors.  When we finished with that we drew a black line around the heart similar to artist Jim Dine.  All the hearts turned out GREAT!  Even though we had very messy hands and smocks it was totally worth it.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

PS Aeropostale T-Shirt Contest (3rd Grade)

Here are the 3rd grade T-Shirt designs for Aeropostale.  We will hear the results by March.  I feel sorry for the judges, that's gotta be a hard job picking out the best 3.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

P. S. T-Shirt Contest (4th Grade)

4th Grade just finished up a contest from Aeropostale.  They were to design a T-Shirt with the theme "What makes you smile."  The results were AMAZING!

The students have a chance to win $500 gift card to Aeropostale, $5,000 for our school (which we totally need), and their design is made into a shirt.  I thought it was a great chance for the students to get their creative juices flowing and show them how they can make a career out of art.  They seemed to like it.

Here are a few designs from 4th grade.