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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Color Wheel Snails (1st grade)

This lesson is on the color wheel.  I was inspired by a pintrest photo of student work which was a cute little snail with a pie style color wheel for it's shell.   The lesson was on animal color wheels, where a student would pick an animal and turn the body into a color wheel.  I thought we could focus on just the snail and mixing tempera paints to create secondary colors.

We started with a flip chart on colors (primary and secondary), and talked about the color wheel and how important it is.

Then I passed out paper plates to use as a template.  They traced the plate in the middle of their paper.
Next we used baby food jar lids to create the circles for the color wheel.  We traced them together so they would know where to put the circles.  Then we drew the snails body and head.
The fun part was when we mixed paints to create the secondary colors.  After the snails dried we outlined all of our pencil lines with black marker. Check 'em out!