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Saturday, April 7, 2012

Complementary Color Turnabout (4th Grade)

In this lesson students learned about the color wheel, primary, secondary & complementary colors.  They also created these awesome and unique rotating pattern with construction paper.

I talked to the students about color and transformations.  I had cut complementary colored construction paper into 12 X 12 squares as well as 6 X 6 squares.  Students picked one color of large paper and 4 small squares in it complementary color.  They then drew one continuous line down the middle of a small square.  It could be a zigzag or curvy line or a combination of both.

They then stacked all the small papers together and cut the line so they end up with 8 cut squares.
 Then the students folded their larger construction paper into quarters (this helps them in placing their smaller cut paper).  Then unfolded their paper and glued their cut papers in a rotating pattern.  Check them out!