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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Line Zebras (3rd Grade)

Students learned some fun facts about zebras and about the Element of Art (Line) in this fun lesson.  Students drew the head of a zebra filling the stripes with different types of lines (zig zag, curvy, vertical, horizontal, diagonal, dotted, dashed, thick or thin).  Then students drew lines in the background and colored them neatly with markers.  They turned out beautifully!  Good job 3rd grade!!

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Artists of the Month of October

I have finally found the time to post the Artists of the Month of October!  A few months late, yes, but better late than never.  So here are some very talented little artists that have worked very hard in art class.  Enjoy!


2nd Grade

3rd Grade

4th Grade

1st Grade

5th Grade

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Georgia O'Keeffe Cow Skull/Navajo Indian Blankets (5th Grade)

5th grade did excellent jobs on this labor of love. 

We began the lesson reading "Through Georgia's Eyes" by Rachel Rodriguez. We discussed her art, as well as the art created by Navajo Indians.  We also talked about the Elements of art; line, space, shape, color and value.  We spent most of the class time drawing our lines in our Indian blankets and coloring them with bright colors.  After the blanket was completed we started drawing our skulls and showing value.  We then cut out the skulls and glued them to our blankets.  In order to give our papers more support, we glued them onto construction paper.  We punched holes on the top and bottom of the paper and tied yarn on the ends to create fringe. 

This took about five 45 minute class periods, but covered a lot of information and the project looks amazing!

Monday, January 20, 2014

Modern Connections

You know what I love?  I love the Modern?  You know why I love the Modern?  Because they offer so many opportunities to students in the FWISD.  Art camps, drawing from the collection, field trips, TAP.  I'm telling you, the Modern is AWESOME!  
Back in October they created an event for the principals, educators, and superintendents from all over the DFW metroplex to celebrate the importance and benefits of arts education in schools.  They had a guest speaker, Lois Hetland, professor of Art Education at the
Massachusetts College of Art, they had refreshments, and music provided by Paschal High School's Jazz Band.  The best part, for me, was the student guided tours of the gallery.  Three of our students were chosen as docents and their job was to be able to discuss certain works with guests, as well as answer any questions they had about the piece.  Each student was teamed up with an older student from a different school in the FWISD.  

It was a proud moment to see my students shine as docents.  I am so proud of you Jamie, Ellie, and Mackenzie!  

Sunday, January 19, 2014

P. S. Aeropostale Finalists

You don't know how EXCITED I was to find out that we had not just one...but TWO finalists in the P. S. Aeropostale T-Shirt Design Contest!  I believe this is the 4th year I have had our school compete in this nation wide competition and we'd never placed or had anyone chosen as finalists.  So when I found out I flipped out!  Though, the finalists didn't win the grand prize, it's a big deal to even be chosen.  Just think, there were thousands of designs and two (1st Grade and 2nd Grade) students work were in the running!  Way to go!!  They will receive a certificate in the mail and some recognition from me, of course.  So proud!!!  Here are their shirt designs.  Check it out! 

Ariahah M. (1st Grade)

Elizabeth D. (2nd Grade)

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Geometric Shape Robots (3rd Grade)

In this lesson, students learned about the elements of art (shape and color), collage, and about how robots help us in real life.  They then used different colors of construction paper to build their robots.  They finished it off by adding real buttons and bottle caps to create a 3D element in their work.