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Thursday, March 13, 2014

Clay Owls (4th Grade)

These are some clay owls that we did last year.  I've been playing catch up on my blogs and felt I should include these guys.  I had been seeing them on Pinterest and had already tried making them with Model Magic.  Since I had finally figured out how to run my kiln without burning the whole school down I thought I'd give real clay owls a try.

Since I only see my students once a week I had to make things quick.  I began by showing them quick videos on how to make the owls and how slip, and scoring works.

The next class I passed out clay and had them make their owls, also being sure to add texture with toothpicks and clay tools.  MAKE SURE THEY WRITE THEIR INITIALS ON THE BACK, or you'll never be able to figure out who's owl is who's...get it, owls...Knock Knock?  Whose there?  Owls.  Owls who?  HAHAHAHAhahahahaha!

Then the owls were fired.

Next students colored their owls with oil pastels and then painted over with black tempera paint and wiped dry.

Turned out so cool!!